Stig Disposable Vape Pods VGOD Buy in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain & Fujairah)

The STIG pod was created for those trying to find a minimalist solution to vaping. it’s a really small disposable cartridge device with a coffee power battery. The STIG is formed to be extremely easy to use and convenient for those trying to find a healthier lifestyle solution. For this reason, STIG doesn’t have any button, no charging or filling required. it’s an inhalation activated device that features a pre-charged battery and is crammed with 1.2 ml of SaltNic nicotine-mixed e-liquid formula. No maintenance is required and when the STIG runs out of liquid it can simply be thrown away.

About VGod

The Stig disposable pod kit from VGod may be a highly-portable lightweight device with a particularly simple interface . Unlike most vape kits there are not any confusing settings to regulate so as to work the device, making this a perfect choice for the novice vaper. When your Stig pod reaches the top of its lifespan simply throw it away and open a replacement one. There are three pods included during a pack and every one is pre-loaded with 1.2ml of 20mg e-liquid. this is often like roughly twenty classic tobacco cigarettes, meaning that every pack will keep you going for an equivalent amount of your time as sixty cigarettes. If you’re trying to kick your smoking habit the Stig pod system may be a fantastic method of smoking cessation, delivering a generous and satisfying amount of nicotine whenever without being overly harsh on the throat.An American vape company that has done quite almost the other brand to exemplify the vaping lifestyle, VGod was founded on the assumption that art and creativity are often found within the most unimaginable and even ordinary places. Their blend of artistry and engineering talent has produced some truly astonishing eliquids to cross the pond and therefore the Stig remains one among the simplest disposable pod devices within the industry. You’ll find VGod’s hottest eliquids and vape kits right here at Vapestore.




The future of vaping is here pod device called the STIG! It’s compact and really straightforward to use right out of the box and should be used discreetly by all kinds of vapers! The STIG is ready to travel once you are!

The STIG is taking vaping salt based nicotine to a totally other level. It’s filled with SaltNic e-liquid, a particularly focused salt based nicotine that has higher nicotine blood absorption, and delivers quicker satisfaction for an extended amount of some time .

The combination of delightful flavors and therefore the STIG being very easy to use will amaze you. The STIG includes a totally charged, battery that’s bound to not fully discharge until the e-liquid is fully enjoyed. The STIG comes during a very pack of three; you’ll be ready to simply travel with it anywhere you go. 

Stig may be a disposable smoking alternative e-cig. There are five available flavors that accompany the Stig. it’s portable with a sleek design and may easily slot in your pocket.

It’s disposable; if you’re not an enormous time smoker, more just like the one and done kind, Stig may be a great option.

There are five available flavors

VGOD Cubano

VGOD Lush Ice

VGOD Mighty Mint

VGOD Summer Strawberry

VGOD Tropical Mango

VGOD Mango Bomb Iced

VGOD Dry Tobacco

VGOD Crisp Apple

VGOD Purple Bomb Iced

VGOD Apple Bomb Iced




Disposable Vape Pods may be a single-use e-Cigarettes that come pre-filled with amazing flavors from brand like STIG. … Simply grab and vape

A disposable e-cigarette is an e-cig that is thrown away once it finished of charge or e-liquid. Disposables are designed to be used and thrown away once the e-liquid has dry out . they do not got to be refilled and that they cannot be charged. Simply use them and eliminate them.

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